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Finding Desktop Butterfly Wallpaper

There are lots of places to find free wallpaper for your computer online, or you can purchase wallpaper software from the store or from the Internet.  Another option is to design and make your own wallpaper from photos that you have taken or from one of the many design studio software programs that you can purchase.  The easiest thing to do, of course, is to find free wallpaper online and put it on your computer. 

What kind of wallpaper do you want for your computer?  Many people are fond of nature wallpaper of some sort.  You can find nature wallpaper with animals on it or nature scenes like beaches, tree lined roads, or mountains.  One of the favorite free nature wallpaper downloads is butterfly wallpaper. 

Butterflies are not only beautiful to look at, but every butterfly is unique.  Each has its own colors and designs on its wings and body.  Like snowflakes, there are no two butterflies exactly alike.  This is also true of people.  You are unique, and so your computer wallpaper should be unique as well. Show your personality by searching for free butterfly wallpaper for your computer.  You may have to search a while because unfortunately, as popular as butterflies are, there seem to be very few free butterfly wallpapers available. Most photographers are hesitant to give permission to use their photos in such a large size because they think someone may use them for other purposes than wallpaper.  

Make sure to find your free butterfly wallpaper from a trusted, established web site.  Keep your computer safe.  If you are unsure if a web site is trusted, do a simple browser search on the web site and see what others are saying about it.  If anyone has had a bad experience downloading free butterfly pictures from a particular web site, you can be sure they are talking about it online.  If you can�t find anything bad, then you have probably found a good web site from which to download your free butterfly wallpaper. 

Free butterfly wallpaper is very simple to install.  Simply find the picture you want and open it by clicking on the picture.  Then right click on the opened picture and choose �save as wallpaper� or �save as background�.  That�s all there is to it.  Your free butterfly wallpaper should now be on your computer for you to enjoy. 

Chances are, you will find more than one free butterfly wallpaper that you like.  If so, the easiest thing to do is to save the web site to your favorites and go back to the web site to change your butterfly wallpaper whenever you want to.  There is no need to save it into a file when it is so easy to save your free butterfly wallpaper right from the web site. 

Our favorite site for nature and butterfly wallpapers is They have a zillion to choose from. 

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