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Free Scenic Nature Wallpaper
for Your Tired Computer

Are you tired of looking at the same old computer screen day after day?  You only get so many choices and after you�ve had your computer for a while, those choices can get on your very last nerve!  You need something fresh, something new, something free.  Don�t pay for new wallpapers for your computer.  You can get free scenic wallpapers instead. 

Searching through free scenic wallpaper can take a bit of time because the pictures are just so beautiful that you won�t be able to decide which one you want.  But once you do decide, it is easy to save to your computer and switch your wallpaper to your free scenic wallpaper.  It only takes a few clicks of your mouse and you will feel like you have a brand new computer. 

Some of the scenic wallpapers you can choose from are nature scenes like oceans, amber autumn forests scenes, mountain scenes, and beautiful, unusual cloudy sky scenes.  You can also find animal scenic wallpapers like dogs and cats, dolphins and birds.  There are butterfly wallpapers that are as beautiful and colorful as if a real butterfly had landed on your computer screen.  

If you can�t decide, make sure to save the web site so that you can come back to it later.  Better yet, download two or three and switch between them every couple of weeks.  You won�t get bored with your wallpaper ever again with so many free scenic wallpapers to switch between.

To download and install the scenic wallpaper you choose, click on the picture of the scene you like and it should open up to a larger picture.  Hold your mouse over the larger picture of the scenic wallpaper and right click.  A drop down menu will appear.  Choose �Set As Wallpaper� or �Set As Background� (this depends on your computer) and left click on it.  Now, minimize the browser and take a look at your new scenic wallpaper because you are all done! 

Now setting your scenic wallpaper this way will not save it, so you will need to go back to the web site each time and reset your scenic wallpaper when you want to change it.  You can also save it to your desktop or in a file and browse for it to change it manually.  This way you can save several of your favorite scenic wallpapers.  To do this, when you right click, choose �Save Picture As� and place it in the desired folder where you can find it later. 

Browsing through scenic wallpapers can take you all night if you aren�t careful.  Go ahead and save your favorite scenic wallpaper web sites so that you can come back to them later and go get some sleep. 

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